I feel like I should rather refer to by your superhero name and the ''M'' on your logo should be worn on your cape like that of batman or something...but I'm batman, so that won't work. Today I found myself, yet again, speaking about to another new connection I made. I emphasised on the value that you have added to my business, my personal life and my personal growth...sharing from where ,business wise, I've grown 20% average month on month since we started interacting to how I've learned to reflect deeper than I ever have where I've found that 90% of my limitations and the reason for things not working when in fact it should have, wasn't because of the outside world but because of the internal blocks that I've created. In this interaction there was that golden moment where I was beyond grateful for the value that you've added to my world, how even being a sound board has helped beyond measure, but I also found it inspiring how I so freely spoke also emphasized on how you've helped me grow while the other person looked like they were enjoying some Hollywood movie... Why did I find that Inspiring? Because that's what I strive for in what I do...Where I'm able to add so much value to those around me that they share their testimonial openly, freely and with such enthusiasm even to strangers they just met (like I've been doing a lot lately it seems ) so with this, thank you. Thank you for your guidance, for inspiring, for adding value selflessly in a corrupt world, and for listening while you know how my mind tends to run off at 1000mp/h. This is the value that you add. Don't stop what you are doing because if you are able to inspire change in just a handful of individuals, just imagine the ripple effect that will have in future. . .
Michelle Is Your Coach Mike Kern Testimonial
Mike Kern
Founder,CEO & Wealth Planner at 3seven1 group Cape Town Area, South Africa.
“I have had the honour and pleasure of benefiting directly from the comprehensive industry experience and sound technical expertise of Michelle Nolting. Her expertise and guidance have made an immediate positive impact on my business and myself as a person. With her guidance and assistance, I have grown from strength to strength, without a doubt.” “Not only is Michelle a master in her craft and an industry leader but she is also undoubtedly one of the most insightful, thoughtful and caring human beings with whom I have formed a professional association to date. Her leadership, expertise, incredible work ethic as well as emotional IQ is beyond compare and adds tremendous value to those with whom she consults on a daily basis.” “Michelle Nolting has and continues to make a meaningful impact on my business and myself as a person. With her assistance, I have not only increased my sales and profits but also my self-confidence. I highly recommended her services to any company and or individuals who aim to improve their operational capabilities,marketing strategy and most importantly, their people skills. Michelle Nolting does make a difference and will improve your profits. I am proof of that.”
Michelle is Your Coach Pieter Brits Testimonial
Pieter Brits
Executive Elite Financial Planner Genesis Advisory Services
Thanks for your Wealth Dynamics workshop today. I really gained a lot of value from it. I did the Wealth Dynamics course with Roger Hamilton about 10 years ago. I never really understood how to apply the material and what my profile was all about. I now understand a lot more about myself and the type of people / profiles I need in my environment to complement me. We are not all good at everything. I do presenting and speaking well. But the follow-up and client service is an area where I could do a lot better. Now I know the type of people I need to bring on board to complement me in that area. Thank you for a great morning of Wealth Dynamics. All the best in your coaching business, you are providing a lot of value to Entrepreneurs.
Michelle Is Your Coach John Broome Testimonial
John Broome
Owner at Mind Power
“I have worked with Michelle in various positions over the last 7 years. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the financial services industry as a whole and her organisational skills are unparalleled. She is 100% committed to anything she applies her mind to. She has worked with countless financial advisors in the industry and has been able to share her experience and knowledge with them in order to ensure that they drive their business, set goals for themselves and achieve what they are capable of. I highly recommend Michelle’s consulting services.”
Michelle Is Your Coach Mandy Turi Testimonial
Mandy Turi-Jones
Director Genesis Capital
The value extracted from the coaching sessions with Michelle allowed me to find balance between the aspects in business and life which I can control and focus on planning those outcomes. We often get sucked into the noise and get detracted from our true direction. I definitely underestimated the great value that quality coaching brings even if I believed I had it all under control. Thank you Michelle Nolting
Michelle Is Your Coach Mariette Slippens Testimonial
Mariette Slippens
Managing Director GenAssist
“Mich Love what you doing !!!! I would come to you if I lived there as my coach !!!!! Just want you to know you got me where I am today in my career and for that I will always be grateful”
Michelle Is Your Coach Terri Maloon Testimonial
Teri Maloon
Financial Advisor and Mortgage Broker at Condor Wealth Management