International Happiness Day

Today in the life of Michelle…

We have challenging times ahead in South Africa. Many of us are wondering how to keep happy on the International Day of Happiness.

So the day starts wondering what stage of “load shedding” or “power cuts” to the rest of the world, we are going to have. The country we hear is losing approximately 3 billion rand per day of power cuts. This then affects mobile networks because they use batteries to power the stations and these batteries need between 8 and 12 hours to recharge, which they are not getting.

For us that are working virtually and maximizing technology this does cause daily challenges. After speaking to my clients today and hearing all the challenges that they are experiencing, I remembered that it was International Happiness Day and thought, it is time to remind everyone about that!

If each and everyone of us remember what there is to be happy about and aim on finding very own pocket of happiness, it might make our days better.

So these are just some of my thoughts today and I hope that it had its desired effect.

Happy Wednesday!