10 Success Habits that will Improve Your Business

Success is not only based on a financial return and these points will hopefully give you some perspective. “Success” means a deep commitment to the pursuit of the fullness of life. Along the way, the following ten habits of success will serve to improve all areas of life, both personal and professional.

1. There is value in the details

To be successful, you should measure the results of your actions. Pay attention to each action as you strive for success. All actions should be linked back to your purpose & when your purpose isn’t clear, you leave yourself open to challenges. There is often learning in challenges, however how you react to the unexpected challenges is the crux. So, make a habit of directing each detail of your business toward your larger visions and goals. Work to your strengths and leverage value from resources around you that can fulfil the areas of weakness. There is a saying that we have all heard, “we treasure what we measure…” so start measuring your results so that you can move forward. 2. Keep your mind clear Mental clarity makes it easier to see which decisions bring you closer (or take you further) from your goals & vision. We often let our minds run with all the challenges & this stops us from getting into flow. The easiest way to clear your mind from any thoughts, is to take a deep breath in & out about 10 times. Our thoughts cannot run when we are doing this kind of breathing.

2. Keep your mind clear

Mental clarity makes it easier to see which decisions bring you closer (or take you further) from your goals & vision. We often let our minds run with all the challenges & this stops us from getting into flow. The easiest way to clear your mind from any thoughts, is to take a deep breath in & out about 10 times. Our thoughts cannot run when we are doing this kind of breathing. Making decisions is part of our daily lives. Remember to not make important or big decisions from an emotional space – this refers to either high or low emotions. The best decisions come from a neutral space.

3. Listen to hear, and not to answer

Listening takes a tremendous amount of self-control, to not only check your own impulses for getting what you want, but also analysing those you work with to understand what is really being communicated. We automatically listen to answer and not to hear. Work on listening to hear & control how your brain runs during this process. Being aware helps to keep focussed on listening. Make a habit of paying less attention to the surface messages people convey and instead listen for what is underneath. Tune into your gut feeling to “sense” other people’s emotions and feelings. Most of what they communicate is nonverbal. Truth is often expressed through body language, tone of voice, eye contact and touch.

4. Become organised & have a “Ta Da” list instead of a “To Do” list…

Start a habit of writing down what you want to accomplish for the next day, then prioritize the list. The priorities should be ranked either to be done today (urgent – before close of business), important (tomorrow) & normal. This however does indicate that if you leave an important task until the last minute, it becomes urgent by default. This way, you’ll effectively allocate the time necessary to each task in accordance with its importance.

Remember that a list is an agreement with yourself to complete something. The moment you write things down, you have agreed to make these things happen & your brain steps into action to help you accomplish them. Action items in written form are closer to being accomplished than are the things you merely think about.

5. Be magical & create a journal!

Writing out your thoughts is a useful habit for translating your thoughts into tangible forms. Writing gives perspective to what you want, where you are at, what things you do not want to repeat and what needs to be accomplished, to get to your future vision. When you write, the left brain is distracted by the task, making room for the more innovative right brain to express your out-of-the box, creative ideas which are necessary to navigate your way through the various aspects of your future vision. Journaling itself is the ultimate practice for finding perspective in solving problems. There is no better way to come up with practical solutions than to spend time ironing out patterns, successes, failures, improvements and the generation of new ideas.

6. Be passionate about what you do!

Entrepreneurs who do what they love, are more likely to feel successful & earn more money. Make no mistake, it’s not only about the money, it’s about fulfilling your passion! All the elite success stories we see, from Oprah to Bill Gates to Walt Disney, are people doing the things they most want to do, and earning substantial income as a result. To emulate these people, you must commit to channel your work in a direction where that work adds value. Financial worth is merely a side benefit — a reflection of the value you have added.

7. Be willing to pay the price… everyday!

Success takes sacrifice. Develop the habit of “showing up” — consistently and every day. Be committed to the long haul and be willing to expend unlimited time and energy working toward your goals. There is no path to success through laziness. Many entrepreneurs are not as successful as they could be because they aren’t willing to “pay the price” to reach those higher levels of commitment. Make it a habit to identify the distractions you need to give up that consume time but add no tangible value to your life or business. Place those distractions into the category of leisure and commit to putting work responsibilities first, and leisure second. The number one focus in success is achieving the milestones that you set daily.

8. Practice self-coaching

Entrepreneurs who are exceptionally successful make a habit of maintaining a positive inner dialogue, so make positive self-talk your habit. You can either talk yourself through challenges or talk your way deeper into them.

Negativity takes no effort. That type of lackadaisical attitude has no room in your life. Adopt a positive outlook to be successful. This does not mean you have to be happy all the time, just that you do not let negative emotions drag you down. Alternatively ensure you have a qualified mentor or coach that you can connect with regularly to give you that extra boost!

9. Move your body!

There is no better way to clear your mind, connect with your creativity, increase your brain chemistry and improve your sleep quality than to engage in physical activity. Make it a habit to increase your “aliveness” and improve your health, happiness and longevity.

The brain gets tired when engaged in constant mental activity, while physical activity is a necessary pick-me-up. So, engage in some type of physical activity as often as you can. I believe at least 3 times a week helps anyone to release unwanted energy.

10. Give back

To be truly successful, you need a life mission that reflects your desire to make a significant difference in the lives of others – either humans or animals. Your main motivation should not be money. The non-monetary purpose of your career is what will bring you the happiness, self-satisfaction and significance you are striving for. Be clear on your why! Know what you are going to do. If you are plagued with a hunger for money alone, then that is what you will be: plagued. Find the deeper purpose of your vision and drive it to better the lives of others.

Success is not something to be enjoyed by the select few. We all have equal opportunity & there is more than enough to go around. The main differences are limited to motivation, will, effort and habit. Therefore, be someone who attains success by being bold, determined, patient, creative and independent. Good habits lay the groundwork for your ability to make it to the top.